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Mom’s Best Naturals: Product Review


Posted on by mbcadmin

When I was growing up, there were certain cereals that qualified as the holy grail of breakfast experiences. These were the ones that we loved to eat morning, noon, and night, and at times in-between while watching TV or just hanging out with friends. One cereal that was always a winner was the one that included tiny marshmallows in assorted shapes and colors. I mean, really, how can you beat having marshmallows for breakfast?

3 Responses to Mom’s Best Naturals: Product Review

  1. Julie from Kalamazoo says:

    We have tried a few of the Mom’s Best cereals and so far they can’t be beat!! Great tasting, healthier-alternative, cereal at a great value! We recommend the Oats and Honey and Raisin Bran the most. Our local health food store does not carry all of them yet, so we hope to get our hands on the Mallow cereal next!!

  2. Lonnie Jones says:

    Like all the MomsBest cereals–unfortunately, our local wal-mart only carries two types, and the worst part is that they down-sized from the 24oz to the 15oz–which is simply too small. I sent an email to Wal-Mart, telling them that MomsBest shredded wheat was far superior to any of their other brands, and less expensive too. Their only answer was to send me a $3 coupon on their generic brand….not enough for their stuff, but more than enough for what I like.

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